Veneral Disease in Catamites

Yes – Even Then:
“It is very irksome, so frequently to repeat such horrid nastiness, but the end for which this work was wrote, would by no means suffer me to stifle a cause, which to the great scandal of mankind, experience teaches us to be the too true, and too frequent cause of Veneral disease. Nay honesty itself seemed to require that I should frequently inculcate this cause, that those, whose liver is fired with so mad a lust, being admonished, may at last grow wise; and if they are neither to be recalled by a sense of what is natural, nor to be terrified by the judgments of God, at least being made certain of the evils that arise from this filthy vice, they may at length turn from it. [p.473]”
Veneral Disease in Catamites (pederast boys)
Homosexuality in Eighteenth-Century England

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