Why is incest illegal ??

Why is incest illegal ?? If as some claim, law shouldn’t be involved in moral codes then it can’t be moral or religious reasoning. In fact, morality follows reality. Incest has medical consequnces. The right-to-marry incest movement is now, rightfully citing the fact that incest has dramatically lower rates of medical issues (3% to 5%) than homosexuality. Homosexuality now owns the HIV pandemic, was the source of the first sexually transmitted typhoid, first sexually transmitted BV, first drug resistant gonorrhea, new flesh eating strains of MRSA, a resurgence and increased virulence of LVG and increased relevant cancer rates. Industrialized nations are blocking gay blood and organ donation to stop further deaths as a result of homosexual ‘love’. As far back as we have medical records homosexuality has had related medical consequnces and been considered perverse due to them. Yet it’s incest and polygamy that remains illegal. Why don’t you just admit that you don’t care what the consequences to anything are — like a bunch of teenagers with a cause – you only care about stroking your own egos by creating pseudo-crusades for yourselves to feel heroic no matter how many lives and how much suffering it causes. You’re short-sighted and pathetic. Fortunately, science is catching up fast — just a little too slow for public popularity….

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