Twin Studies

The original study by Pillard and Bailey asked homosexuals who had twins to take part in a study. They were recruited through homosexual newspapers. The original study found that if they were identical twins then there was a 50 % chance of the identical twin also being homosexual – the percentage was 20% for fraternal twins. Of course, if it really was ‘genetic’ it should be 100% for identical twins! Bailey did a more authoritative study on Australian twins in 2000, using the Australian Twin Register to get people for the study. This time his result was 25% for identical twins and 10 % for fraternal twins. Bailey admitted the ‘self-selecting problems’ from his original study and it has been disregarded though the incorrect results continue to be propagated. Now the second study is being scrutinized as people were asked if they would answer questions on sex – 28% refused.

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