More Evidence: Kids Need Mother and Father

There’s more evidence that children need both a mother and a father whenever possible in an unexpected source: gay experts parenting manuals:

The ‘Lesbian and Gay Parenting Handbook’ states, “some children do express an intense longing for the other biological parent, talking about it frequently and emotionally. Adolescents take particular interest in both their heredity and in gender-specific role models.”

The ‘Lesbian Parenting Book’ says “It is very normal for children to long about and ask for a father…. It is natural to feel defensive when your child longs for a father. We encourage you to remain patient while she asks questions, sorts out information and comes to terms without knowing her father’s identity, or not having her biological father in her life. She needs to do it…. [Artificially Inseminated] children of lesbian parents may grieve never knowing their biological father.”

A majority of the Dads in the study described in ‘Gay Men Choosing Parenthood’ acknowledged “that their children sometimes verbalized a desire for a mother at one time or another.”

In ‘For Lesbian Parents: Your Guide to Helping your Family Grow Up Happy, Healthy, and Proud’, lesbian Moms are encouraged to ask their daughters “if it’s hard sometimes not having a father. Let her know that you understand that sometimes it is hard.”

In ‘Gay Dads: A Celebration of Fatherhood’, a child, Tyler, whose two Dads no longer live together. When he asks if his mother can come live with him, he is told “She would be welcome, but as a friend.”

* article courtesy of Gays Against Gay Marriage

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